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"Tough to explain, easy (and enjoyable) to read." -David Carr

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"Ann Friedman is a freelance writer who writes a weekly email highlighting her own work, the work of people she finds interesting, and other tidbits of knowledge. I LOVE the way she writes these." - NPR’s Social Media Desk

“The last time I was this excited about an email was 1998!!!” - Danielle Dirks

"Saturday mornings are for tracing the treasure map of links and fine reads curated by Hairpin chartmaker (and no pants wearer) Ann Friedman.” - The Awl

I’m obsessed with this. All of this. I’m in a robe about to watch 6 more episodes of Frasier but I had to sit and finish this first.” - Anna Roch

“Ann, you’re like a better, hipper, actually interesting Gwyneth Paltrow. Who cares about lady rights.” - Erica Sackin 


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