Good Faith Compromises

Sen. Barbara Boxer, responding to a slew of anti-choice bills introduced by Republicans:

"It breaks faith with a decades-long bipartisan compromise, and it risks the health and lives of women."

Oh wait, so all those times that Democrats caved on the issue of women’s health — years of rubber-stamping the Hyde Amendment, rolling over on contraception access, failing to do away with abstinence-only sex ed, shrugging off Stupak-Pitts — they were under the impression they were engaging in a bi-partisan negotiation to protect women’s rights? And now they are surprised (and maybe a little hurt?) that Republicans have been empowered by these compromises to introduce even more radical anti-choice legislation? STFU. Just… STFU.

Also, dude, not helping:

Senator Frank R. Lautenberg of New Jersey, another Democrat who joined the news conference, compared the proposals to “a Third World country that’s requiring women to wear head shawls to cover their faces even if they don’t want to do it.”

Better messaging and strategy when it comes to protecting my bodily autonomy, please. Thanks.