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My column appears weekly at The Cut. Some favorites: 
What a Woman’s Choice Means to the Supreme Court
No Pill? No Prob. Meet the Pullout Generation
On Wendy Davis, the Supreme Court, and Speaking Out as Women
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Why I’m Glad I Quit New York at Age 24
Another ‘Year of the Woman’? Not So Fast
Tick-Tock, The Male Biological Clock

#Realtalk column, biweekly


Pie charts, weekly
162 New Emoji We Need Right Now
No-Costume Halloween Costumes
The River
Advice for the Solo Woman Road Warrior

Charts and graphs about life in L.A., monthly

A Dating App That’s Worth a Woman’s Time
Pussy Riot Grrrls


Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie is ready to rock. Again.
America’s most colorful congresswoman: Kyrsten Sinema
Meet ELLE’s Women in Tech

When Rape Goes Viral


HBO’s Silicon Valley is a cynical show with a gooey center
Hey Ladies!
The New Cult of Domesticity
Cupid’s Cursor
The Me Meme

All LinkedIn with Nowhere to Go

Astronaut Sally Ride and the Burdens of Being First
All Politics Is Identity Politics
Choice Rankings
The New Workplace Sexism
It’s Not the End of Men


Spin the Globe: Ann Friedman in Osaka, AFAR magazine
Welcome to Malibu, rehab city, The Observer Sunday Magazine
A conversation with Miranda July, COS Magazine
The genius of ‘Broad City’, The Guardian
Tech women are building their own networks, The Washington Post
Modern Manners: The Solitary Drink, The Gentlewoman
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Back in singleton land, Los Angeles Times
The Culture Wars Are Over, TimeOut Chicago
You Can Take the Girl Out of Iowa, GOOD
Girl Geniuses, This Recording
#Realtalk for the j-school graduate, Nieman Journalism Lab
The GIF Guide to Getting Paid, Medium
What journalists need to know about animated GIFs,
Like a Natural Woman, Ms. magazine
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