I’m Ann Friedman, a magazine journalist who loves the internet. I write a regular column about politics, culture, and gender for NYmag.com. I also contribute to The New Republic, NewYorker.com, ELLE, The Guardian, Los Angeles magazine, Newsweek, The Gentlewoman, and lots of other publications. I dispense advice to journalists at the Columbia Journalism Review. I also make hand-drawn pie charts.
I used to be the executive editor of GOOD. (More about my past life as an editor  here.) After I was fired along with my colleagues in 2012, we created a crowd-funded magazine called Tomorrow, which was nominated for an Utne Independent Media Award for general excellence. That same year, the Columbia Journalism Review named me one of 20 women to watch.
Every Friday I send out an email newsletter full of digital treats. Subscribe! You won’t regret it. If email isn’t your speed, there’s always Twitter and Facebook. Or you can listen to my podcast, Call Your Girlfriend, which is basically just me bullshitting with my good friend Aminatou Sow. I also do a lot of public speaking, mostly at journalism and design conferences.
I grew up in eastern Iowa, studied journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and have since moved back and forth between the coasts. I prefer the west. These days I sleep and eat and work and dance in an excellent little bungalow in Los Angeles. Living my best life. 
Would you like to hire me to write or edit something? Or ask me a question I haven’t already answered here? Or send me an amazing GIF you just found? Email me! I’ll respond if you’re nice.
The above photo taken by Jason Travis. And my awesome dad-rocky logo was made by Dylan C. Lathrop.